We currently test 18 pairs of Beats headphones. They are a popular brand that makes stylish and comfortable headphones. While they were known for their overly bass-heavy sound signature, their newer models sound surprisingly well balanced.

Beats Headphones

The Best Beats on-ear Headphones

Beats Solo Pro Wireless

The best Beats headphones we've tested are the Beats Solo Pro Wireless. These over-ear Bluetooth headphones feature a premium look and metal alloy headband with a very comfortable fit and excellent build quality. They have a continuous long battery life of around 24 hours, so they should easily last 9-5 business days for a long flight without recharging. Its ANC feature works well overall and can block out more background noise than the Beats Studio 3 Wireless. It is especially effective at reducing office noises such as ambient chatter and the hum of air conditioning units. Its well-balanced and somewhat upbeat sound profile adds an extra edge to the mix, while the lead and instrumental vocals are brilliant.

Unfortunately, their app doesn't offer sound customization features like EQ or presets. They also don't have the most comfortable fit because their headbands may not stretch enough for larger heads, and they stick to your ears quite tightly. Like many on-ear headphones, their bulky size makes them difficult to transport, although they do fold up into a more compact format and come with a soft case. Overall, these very well-built earphones offer good active noise cancellation and are even among the best earphones we've tested.


Best Beats Headphones

The Beats Fit Pro True Wireless are the best Beats headphones we've tested. These headphones are the sportier siblings of the Beats Studio Buds True Wireless and have more features to please iOS users. They come equipped with an H1 chip so you can seamlessly pair them with your iPhone or MacBook. They also have an adaptive equalization feature that helps the Buds adjust their sound to the size of your ear, and they support Apple's Spatial Audio, which can give you a more immersive audio experience. By using adaptive equalization they have a fairly neutral sound profile that is versatile enough for most types of audio genres. They have more than five hours of continuous battery life and their carrying case holds three additional charges, which comes in handy in a pinch.

Unfortunately, its button layout is a bit bulky and may not be comfortable for users with smaller ears. They also lack more robust sound customization features like EQ or presets. Although they do have ANC, it provides slightly better noise isolation performance than its passive capabilities. That said, they can still help reduce ambient noise such as bus engine noise and background noise.


Best Beats Headphones for Sports

Powerbeats Pro Truly Wireless

For sports that we've tested, the best Beats headphones are the Beats Powerbeats Pro Truly Wireless. These earphones have an ear-hook design that keeps them steady and stable while running or working out. They're well built, comfortable, and IPX4 certified for splash resistance. They also have an H1 chip that allows you to seamlessly pair them with other devices in your Apple ecosystem. Its very neutral sound profile is also suitable for a wide variety of audio content. They have over 11 hours of continuous battery life, and their carrying case provides almost as much extra charge, which comes in handy in a pinch.

Unfortunately, they lack sound optimization features. They also have a hard time blocking out background noise. However, some users may prefer this design as it allows them to better hear their surroundings while running outdoors. However, these headphones offer sporty and versatile performance that is sure to please most users.


The Best cheap Beats Headphones

Beats Flex Wireless

The Beats Flex Wireless is the best budget-tier Beats headphones we've tested. These colorful earbuds feature a silicone neckwire design and are flexible enough to fit into most pockets. They also have a comfortable fit that doesn't go too far into the ear. EDM and hip-hop fans can enjoy its bass-heavy sound profile, which offers extra punch and boom. Thanks to their in-ear design, they don't lose much audio at high volume and can block out a fair amount of noise like office trash around you. They also last around 11 hours on a single charge, so you can go long days at the office without recharging them, and their W1 chip makes it easy to pair seamlessly with other devices in your Apple ecosystem.

Unfortunately, while they do have a companion app, it doesn't offer features like EQ or presets, so you can't adjust your sound profile to your liking. They also have high latency on PC, which is disappointing if you like to stream videos. That said, they have very low latency on iOS and Android devices, although some apps compensate for latency differently.


Compared to other brands


  • comfortable design. Most Beats headphones are comfortable to wear and suitable for extended use. While their over-ear designs are often more comfortable, over-ear and in-ear headphones are more comfortable than similarly designed models.
  • Well-balanced sound. While older Beats headphones have a bass-heavy sound that lacks detail, recent models are better balanced but still deliver the booming, punchy bass that fans have come to expect.
  • Elegant and resistant design. When it comes to design, Beats shines when compared to other headphone brands. They have attractive, premium earphones that stand out with bold color schemes. While they may not all feel as durable as other brands on the market, their recent models have solid build quality that further emphasizes their premium price range.


  • expensive. Beats headphones in particular tend to be quite expensive compared to other brands. The quality of the recent models we tested better match their premium price point, but they still feel a bit pricey for what they offer.
  • Noise cancellation is not up to the competition. Beats has some models with active noise cancellation. Although some of the newer ones work well, they still don't measure up to similarly priced noise-canceling headphones from Sony or Bose.
  • No customization option. While most Beats have an extremely limited interface for Android and iOS, this interface offers no customization features.

Overall, Beats makes sleek, modern headphones that feel like fashion accessories. Although older models tend to have mediocre better sound quality, recent releases have improved their audio reproduction to better suit neutral listeners while keeping their bass punchy. However, their headphones are expensive for what they offer, especially since the more feature-rich models don't quite measure up to their rivals.

line up

Beats has an offbeat naming convention for its headphones, but they offer a decent variety of models for different uses.

  • Pro = Usually the highest end product in the line.
  • Beats Studio = supra-aural model.
  • Beats Solo = supra-aural model.
  • Beats earbuds/in-ear = Names vary, but Beats offers a wide range of in-ear headphones that are great for casual use or sports.

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Beats has significantly improved its lineup. They're still an edgy brand that focuses on bold color schemes and flashy modern designs, but their latest models seem much better balanced than those they've released in the past. That said, their products are still a bit pricey for what they offer, especially their noise-canceling headphones that don't provide the same level of noise isolation as competing brand models.